Gurlz Talk Rawk

Co-Hosts Traci Smith and Beth Vinas are the fun, dynamic, and informative Co-Hosts on this show. They will present

guests original music, talk shop, and hear what makes musician's tick. Gurlz Talk Rawk radio show is the brainchild of Traci Smith and Beth Vinas who are a fresh mix of the personal and professionals sides of the artists in the music industry.


Gurlz Talk Rawk is a Radio Show about the musicians, venues, events, stages, and relevant emerging artists, generations

of musician's, and indusrty professionals from around the world, and we are located in sunny San Diego, Ca. Our show is designed to give the Female Artists in the music industry a voice, to express themselves in their own words, as positive role models in their communities, as well as around the world. This show will delve into the specific music related world of the musician’s voice in the industry, and talk about how they stay relevant, and get ahead in the music business. Tune in to discover new bands, music, venues, and upcoming events. This show will reveal the local, and world music scene in a unique, fresh way.


About the Hosts:


Traci Smith:

Traci is a 36 year veteran in music, and continues to be a supporter of the local, national, and international community of musicians, and their music. Traci Smith is currently a partner at SilverTiger Production dealing with the Original artists, and Singer/Songwriters within that organization. Traci has built Brands like Placam SD (Promote Local Artists Clubs And Musicians, in San Diego) which is her social media blog page on facebook that deals directly with the promotion and marketing of everything local, and the tag line is "Support Local." Her brand Ninja Pixx Photography is about capturing live local music events with over 1200 videos of live stage performances, like, NAMM, KAABOO,  ZombieFest, The Rock & Roll Reunion, 710 Battle of the bands, Roni Lee with Pat Travers at the Ramona Mainstage, and shows in local venues. The San Diego Music Awards, New Mexico Music Awards, IndieFest, and the Temecula Music and Film Awards, are large music related events she's captured as an Official photographer just to name a few. Red Giant Promo is her Brand that deals with promotion through her Social Media Marketing channels, and is helping to build Gurlz Talk Rawk her radio show, and her past role as the Community and Social Media Manager at wsRadio has helped to create a platform for many musicians in town. Traci Smith and Beth Vinas radio show "GURLZ TALK RAWK" will give musicians an avenue to let loose, talk about their passions, and about the creativity behind their original music. Gurlz Talk Rawk is "Where the Musicians Creativity, Finds It's Voice." Find it @Gurlz Talk Rawk on Twitter and Instagram and also at

Beth Vinas:

Beth Vinas is currently a partner at SilverTiger Production dealing with the Tribute and Cover bands within that organization. Kristina Beth Vinas began classical piano lessons from elementary school on, and continued into college.  With a political science and music degree tucked under her belt, Beth went on to play as a union musician/pianist. Playing for performing arts centers, and as an on call artist, paying with  musicians of every caliber brought her closer to pop, rock and showcases that were looking for a quick sight-reading keyboardist who could sing a bit too.  A member of the Music Academy (Grammy) ASCAP, Union, IEBA, and now as a teacher and studio owner/member of NAMM - Beth has worked to be connected, in sync and tuned in to the music industry on several layers.

Not too long after moving from Orange County to San Diego county- The Studio at CCMA, was formed.  A "home base" for musicians who were learning ( private lessons, and associated with several public schools) as well as professionals- rehearsals, networking, collaboration, facilitation and booking- where now hundreds of events annually are booked from.  The Studio has compelled Beth to become a better musician, and a stronger facilitator for the talent she works with and refers or books daily.  Piano has stayed her primary instrument- and as a theory major- she loves the collaboration between academic understanding- and just plain having fun.

The Studio at CCMA has become North San Diego County's "go to" place to call when a school or family needs a certified qualified teacher.  It is also the "go to" place to call for a huge rehearsal space with gear, without interruption.  Over 2 dozen bands/artists are part of the CCMA network, playing- booking and utilizing the Studio cache' of connections and available players to step in, audition or sub for shows.  A favorite of the Tribute, Genre, and Variety Cover bands- it's been a hub for great musicians who love to work- and sound great.

Not to go forever as a administrator and teacher only- Beth can be found on stages far and near with her favorite "guilty pleasures" covers tribute band- Groove Kitty.  You can catch them supporting a National Tour at venues like  House of Blues or Saint Rocke- Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, or jamming at Hard Rock Hotel, Club 207.  

Her heart, though is in connection, networking and collaboration with other artists.  Communication is key- and GURLZ TALK RAWK is the perfect platform to connect So Cal/ San Diego Musicians and musician's from around the world with who, what, where when and why of the music industry.